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At Blink Security, we aim to provide our clients with comprehensive solutions in the area of broadly understood security. Although we believe that, in many, cases nothing can replace having professional security operatives “on the ground”, we are aware of massive technological advances in the industry and we keep up to date with developments in security technology.

In addition to our core service consisting in the provision of security guarding and door supervision, we also offer cutting-edge venue security systems which utilise modern technology to further enhance overall security of your premises.

Our solutions are developed in partnership with experts in security technology, combining world-class technological know-how with in-depth knowledge and experience of day-to-day security operations.

The solutions we offer are suitable for all types of venues, including but not limited to entertainment venues, concert halls, indoor and outdoor sports venues, retail premises, offices etc., and will be developed with careful consideration of your specific requirements.

Our smart alarms will alert you (or any security operatives manning the system) when anybody unauthorised attempts access. A typical smart alarm system might consist of:

  • Windows sensors
  • Motion detectors using PIR (passive infrared) sensors
  • Camera sensors, coupled with an e-mail alarm, which automatically emails relevant images detected by the cameras
  • Multiple sirens to ensure the alarm is heard
  • Multiple access keypads and fobs for the ease of managing authorised access
  • Remote arm and disarm functionality to make operating the system easy


Our CCTV systems will provide a comprehensive, high quality coverage for all crucial areas of your venue. We will recommend the optimal solutions based on our extensive experience, and we will design a CCTV system that provides value for money while ensuring the best-possible coverage. Blink Security offers a variety of CCTV solutions including:

  • External waterproof cameras (available with PTZ (pan to zoom) and sound if required)
  • Internal cameras (available with PTZ (pan to zoom) and sound if required)
  • Night vision cameras


The cameras we use are capable of providing high-quality images in 4K and full HD, for easier identification of potential security threats.

Long recording times with the option to store more than 60 days of footage mean that it’s possible to review older footage if new information about security threats or breaches comes to light later.

Remote access to both live footage and recordings from a smartphone, tablet or computer makes it easy to take a full advantage of the system and closely monitor activity if and as necessary.

In addition to smart alarms and CCTV systems, we also provide relevant complementary services, such as smart doorbell systems and similar.

All these services can be controlled with apps on smartphones, tablets and PCs.

Modern smart security systems require a suitable, reliable, high-performance IT platform. We will review your IT system with our experts and, if required, can recommend appropriate updates — or provide a full IT support for the security systems we implement.

The IT support platform we provide includes, as required:

  • Fast, stable Internet access with backup lines for extra resilience
  • Fast and secure file access services including remote access from smartphones, tablets and PCs, with backup facility
  • Reliable, high performing WiFi with a site survey service providing excellent coverage in all required areas
  • Systems supporting of clients are possible (stadiums, exhibition and other halls)
  • Server, switch and PC’s with peripherals
  • IP telephony (VOIP) systems with multiple DDI and voicemail, at very competitive call rates

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