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Patrol Team

We are approaching uncertain times. The cuts in policing are already beginning to bite.

Between September 2010 and September 2017, the number of police officers in English and Welsh forces fell by 19,921 or 14%, according to the Home Office — many of those are customer-facing front line staff. At the same time, crime levels are predicted to rise according to many respected groups and think tanks.

As a society, we cannot assume any longer that our friendly bobby on the beat will be there for us to chat to, or to provide information about the suspicious man loitering by the school gates, the local drug dealer hanging around on the estate plying his evil trade, or the group of youths acting anti–socially and causing a nuisance to local residents – or that a police officer will be right around the corner, ready to intervene should you be in any kind of trouble or distress.

We are unfortunately experiencing the end of neighbourhood policing as we used to know it, and the loss of the feeling of ease and comfort we get as a society when we see that valued and much loved uniform presence.

At Blink Security we give our customers that feeling of safety and peace of mind evoked by uniformed presence. We provide round the clock security patrols acting as a visual deterrent to crime and anti-social behaviour, wherever we are deployed.

All of our operatives are chosen from a broad range of diverse backgrounds, ensuring they bring with them the skills and experience from a multitude of cultures, different agencies and organisations.

As an organisation, at Blink Unique Solutions we consider ourselves to be part of the wider police family. As such, where possible, we adopt all the codes of practice and ethics that the public would expect from a professional police service. Our operatives not only patrol the neighbourhood, dealing appropriately with any issues as they might arise, but provide detailed reports at the end of each working shift. This offers the community, and if necessary, the police or other appropriate agencies, invaluable insight into the situation on the streets, and helps to deal with any emerging issues or threats before they spiral out of control.

The service Blink Security provides fills the gap in neighborhood policing left by the police budget cuts. Our operatives work with and alongside law enforcement, security, government agencies, as well as with various organisations such as homeless charities, drug and alcohol agencies, mental health organisations and many more.

All of our operatives undergo enhanced criminal record checks. They are also trained to a very high standard in first aid and are continually requalified and assessed in various areas ranging from anti-terrorist training to dementia awareness to safeguarding children, and many more issues that we regularly encounter in our day-to-day work protecting communities.

Blink Unique Solutions does not just provide uniformed staff to walk around your neighbourhood. Our people will become part of your neighbourhood and part of your community, and will engage with local shopkeepers, schools, care homes and everyday residents, and will become an integral part of any existing neighbourhood watch schemes and community safety partnerships. If none exist in your community, we will make sure that they start such schemes and will at every opportunity encourage the local community to get involved.

If you love your area and you love your community and you want to keep it safe, make sure that you give the job to someone who is passionate about making this happen for you.

BLINK SECURITY will guarantee your peace of mind

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