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About Us


Blink Security (Blink Unique Solutions Ltd) is a security company based in London. We provide effective guarding solutions using a combination of cutting-edge technology and highly qualified security personnel.
Blink Security aims to provide high-quality, best-value guarding services and continuously strives to keep up to date with innovative practices and technological solutions in order to ensure the best possible outcomes for our clients.
Our staff predominantly have strong security or military backgrounds, which, when combined with our basic and continuation training, ongoing customer care, and first aid training undertaken by all officers, ensures that our officers are focused, disciplined and diligent in their approach to all tasks. This allows us to provide an exceptional level of service and excellent value for money.
Both the management and the staff at Blink Security understand the importance of developing long-term relationships with our clients and we are all fully committed to achieving complete client satisfaction, striving to not merely fulfil, but exceed our clients’ expectations.

Blink Security has been founded and is run by people with 20+ years’ hands-on experience in security services. We are in the business for the long run, and we believe that investing in the best staff and continuous development of standards and procedures is the best way to ensure top quality service for our clients – and to build a brand to be proud of. We want to be a refreshing change in the security industry.


Welcome to Blink Unique Solutions a London based company known by many to be a lawful ethical and professional supplier of security services across the south east of England.

Our Directors are highly regarded within the world of security and have many years of operational experience within the security industry working with partners in the police service , NHS and various government agencies , having this knowledge and experience places them and  the company in a unique position to ensure that compliance with all of the relevant laws and regulations within the industry are being met  and this plays a major part in steering the industry in the direction that all stakeholders wish it go.

Never before has it been so important for you to know that you have the right people looking after your security interests.

The growing threat of international and home grown terrorism, the scourge of internal theft and the rapidly falling numbers of police officers available to the general public make it even more imperative that you have the right people in your corner.

In this highly competitive industry we understand the need for providing not just one service but a multitude of services delivered to the highest possible standards, we can provide you with a package of services ranging from static security operatives, undercover loss prevention officers CCTV operators and much more. Not only will this provide a common sense seamless approach because all operatives will have experience working together but it will also provide a major financial incentive by reducing costs.

We strive to only hire the best possible people for the job, our stringent interview and vetting process is designed so that we can easily identify the best people with the skills knowledge and abilities needed so we can then be confident that our clients are getting the best service for their business.

At Blink Security we do not subscribe to a one size fits all service , we recognise that not every situation is the same and not every tasking is the same , we therefore assign a personal security representative to each of our clients available to be contacted at any time to ensure we deliver a tailored bespoke approach to any task that has been allocated to us  and will work with you on a one to one personal basis to ensure that you have the confidence to know your business is our business and that we only succeed by ensuring that you succeed.

 At blink Unique Solutions there is no one more important than the customer, without the customer we would not exist, this is our ethos

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