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Hotel Security

Blink Security specialise in providing tailored security services to a variety of different sectors and we appreciate that in at least some of them, and that includes hospitality, “our people” are, from the public point of view, very much perceived as “your people”, reflecting on your image and reputation.

We recognise that hotels operate in a fluid, dynamically changing market. To remain competitive and to attract new and repeat customers, hospitality businesses need to develop and diversify their offer. It is not just about providing a room for a night, but a variety of services, including large corporate events, conferences  and seminars, and VIP stays; from small scale gatherings all the way through to weddings and a host of other celebrations. These circumstances create their own challenges, including ensuring security of guests and staff.

To successfully deal with those challenges,  hotels require an professional yet friendly, and at the same time, a highly effective provider of security services. That is why Blink Unique Solutions focus on providing well-trained, well-versed, polite and approachable security operatives who are able to improvise and adapt should any changes in circumstances arise on the ground.

Our management teams and operatives have many years of experience working with clients who have very specific requirements and demand that little bit extra.  As a company, we thrive on this kind of work and very much welcome the challenge and the opportunity to prove our worth as a security services provider.

Our experience and skillset enable us to work with large event operators, efficiently liaising with them, as well as local authorities and enforcement agencies, to make sure that you are protected in all aspects related to health & safety and security.

In addition to their standard security training, all our operatives undergo further, compulsory, enhanced continuation training in emergency first aid, terrorism awareness and risk assessment, emergency scene management, fire marshal roles, and more.

Beyond the mandatory screening and vetting, our operatives are further vetted and screened to a very stringent criteria, to ensure that Blink Unique Solutions only employ people who meet the highest ethical and professional standards.

We also recognise that in a hotel business, some of your guests will be sensitive about their privacy. Discretion is, traditionally, an extremely important part of good business practice in hospitality, and as a company we fully recognise and endorse this.

To this end, Blink Unique Solutions require all our operatives to sign a non-disclosure agreement, which forbids security staff any contact with any media organisation whilst working at your establishment and ensures that this requirement is legally binding, thus protecting your and your guests’ privacy and reputation.

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