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Vacant Property Security

Empty properties are at a significant risk of vandalism, arson, and other types of criminal activity. Squatters and metal thieves can move in very quickly. The latter can cause considerable and costly damage, while removing the former might mean significant costs and delays as well as damage to deal with.

Hiring a vacant property security specialist will help you avoid costly repairs, and will leave the property in a better state for when it’s time to reoccupy it or sell.

Blink Security offers a variety of vacant and void property security services for commercial, industrial and residential properties, including:

  • initial securing of property,
  • response to intruder alarms,
  • continuous monitoring of CCTV cameras,
  • regular checks and inspections,
  • manned guarding with regular patrols on site.

As in all cases, we will carry out a thorough security assessment specific to each property. We will work with our client to develop the most appropriate security plan and protocols for the particular site and budget and implement it according to the agreed procedure.

It makes financial sense to look after your assets — and it will also benefit the local community by reducing antisocial behaviours and deterring criminals and opportunists alike.

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