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Professional Witness

We read in the news and we see in the media sometimes daily situations where people have reported a crime or are suffering anti-social behaviour and have reported this to the police but have received an insufficient response or worst case scenario no response at all.

We have to face the hard and brutal reality especially in this day and age of fewer police numbers and less police budget the police are ever increasingly having to prioritise how they deploy their resources and how they spend the money they are allocated.

It shouldn’t  be the case but the police service month by month year by year are turning into a business they will work to keep costs down and will also choose which cases to devote their resources and will base it  on the likelihood they are to get a result from it.

Blink unique solutions offers a bespoke professional witness service for persons or businesses suffering  from harassment or anti-social behaviour or staff members with their hand in the till ,our operatives will be deployed either overtly or covertly using a variety of different techniques and work to gather evidence on your behalf .

Our operatives will monitor and record all forms of anti-social behaviour ranging from graffiti to noisy neighbours to acts of criminal damage , all quality of life issues that if not dealt with in a robust way can lead to more aggressive forms of behaviour and more serious crimes.

At blink unique solutions all of our operatives are professionally trained evidence gatherers with years of experience in law enforcement security and government agencies.

Our operatives operate to the highest possible standards and are fully trained in the recognition of relevant legislation such as the regulation of investigatory powers act 2000 , the data protection act 1998 and the protection of freedoms act 2012.

Our operatives will obtain the evidence necessary and as part of our package of services offered will also attend court to put the evidence to a magistrate or jury in order to secure convictions.

So if you are experiencing any of the situations highlighted above do not suffer in silence talk to someone who can help you and can make thing better,don’t suffer in silence call blink unique solutions today.

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