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Event Security

Are you responsible for managing a large crowd or ensuring an event is run safely and securely and goes smoothly? Do you want to ensure that your standards are met, however high they are?

Blink Security will provide the trained operatives you need to make your next event run without incident from start to end. Our staff understand the need to have a controlled environment and well-managed crowds and are committed to achieving those goals to a high standard.

A large number of people present in one place is one of the main factors that affect security at events. Security requirements and considerations change with a presence of crowds, and knowledge of crowd dynamics and crowd management techniques becomes essential. These considerations remain valid whether planning a smaller or larger, private or public, indoor or outdoor events.

Events security is thus largely about crowd control, and Blink Security will work with you to ensure that:

  • roles and responsibilities are clearly set,
  • risks are assessed and hazards identified,
  • plan for incidents and emergencies are made,
  • specific crowd control measures are put in place.

Blink Security doesn’t just provide the guards. We will carefully assess your venue and the specific event to ensure the best security arrangements can be made within existing circumstances and your budget.

Particular attention is always placed on:

  • arrival and entry (ensuring access routes, managing queues and minimising queuing time, manning entrances and managing the entry process itself),
  • crowd management and circulation on-site to avoid overcrowding and bottlenecks,
  • exiting the venue and leaving the area (routes, ensuring enough space).

All this will not just ensure security and safety for your event’s patrons, but also improve the customer experience, reduce queuing times and minimise local area disturbance.

We have necessary knowledge of how different kinds of crowds can behave and the best techniques to manage them, combined with outstanding standards of training and personal integrity we demand of all our staff.

Blink Security will professionally and effectively manage the crowd to ensure the event is fun and safe for all involved.

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