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Construction Security

Building sites are at risk of theft and criminal damage. The cost of replacing damaged machinery, the potential for stoppages, delays and ensuing contractual penalties all make contracting professional security guards, such as employed by Blink Security, an eminently sensible solution.

The service consists of:

  • hourly check calls, allowing for monitoring lone working staff,
  • continuous patrolling of the construction site,
  • patrols recorded and monitored remotely via an app,
  • recording potential threats,
  • recording any security related incidents,
  • any other appropriate security measures as agreed with the client.

Our guards are extensively trained, not just in general guarding skills, but also in areas specific to the construction industry:

  • first aid training,
  • strong health & safety culture with constantly H&S monitored policies,
  • anti-terrorism awareness,
  • customer service,
  • emergency procedures,
  • reporting,
  • construction-specific Vehicle Banksman/Traffic Marshall training.

Blink Security provides Vehicle Banksman/Traffic Marshall training to the CSCS standard to our construction industry guards, which means that our guards will also be able to perform the relevant plant machinery traffic supervision and directing duties on site as appropriate. This can offer a significant saving on training/staff employment costs to construction companies that use our services, while facilitating better security practices on site.

For every new site, Blink Security will:

  • carry out a comprehensive site survey and site risk assessments to establish all relevant security as well as health & safety factors,
  • provide all operatives working at a given site with clear protocols and site-specific instructions,
  • monitor the guards’ performance, both remotely via personal safety and tracking devices, and directly, with on-site spot checks without notice carried out at regular intervals,
  • respond quickly and appropriately to any emergencies.


Blink Security’s success is built on the foundation of high integrity and strong management. Consistent application of these values in the case of construction site security ensures high quality protection form the groundworks all the way to a finished building.

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